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Monthly PVs:~30 Mn/mo (Sept 2021)
Languages:English and Hindi
Published on:Website (mobile and desktop)
and AMP



The Publisher had a heavy dependence on direct sales for their revenue. Remnant inventory was never focused on. Publisher had their own Google AdX, but they did not believe in programmatic because of 2 problems – low fill rates (under 50%) and low eCPM. They wanted to fix both these challenges without adding any code on page or make any changes to site and ad unit layout.
Low Fill Rate
Sub optimal eCPMs


As per popular belief, Fill Rate and eCPM are known to be inversely proportional. Most publishers simply reduce floor CPMs so that they can get higher fill rates. But this comes at the cost of undervaluing your inventory (think: lower CPMs). And vice versa. In this particular case, we had to increase the fill rates and also improve the eCPMs. As soon as AdOpsOne took over the ad operations role here, we identified all the gaps in the publisher’s GAM. We reconfigured all the ad networks, SSPs and exchanges. We setup auction pressure by using Header Bidding, Dynamic Allocation and Price Priority for Networks. We made over 100 different micro setting changes across GAM. Our AI assistant kicked in and updated the unified pricing rules (UPR) every day.
In addition to the above:
  • During the Google Core Web Vitals update, we guided the publisher’s tech team on how best to implement the ad tags on their page, so that monetization would not take a hit.
  • We helped the publisher enhance eCPMs by deploying Banner Refresh (High Viewability Refresh). This simple tech add-on (provided at no additional cost or revenue share) improved the overall viewability and eCPMs.
  • We enhanced the publisher’s AMP monetization by changing some ad units.
  • We also help the publisher successfully deliver their direct campaigns.
  • Fill Rates improved: Before – 40% After 90%

  • Day to day AI powered AdOps

  • Tech Add-ons – Header Bidding & Banner Refresh

  • Compliance with Google policies. [Coreweb vitals]

  • eCPM improved by >150%

“AdOpsOne introduced us to an effective and scalable way of running our AdOps for Direct and Programmatic. They are subject matter experts on ad operations - they overhauled our entire ad unit setup in Google Ad Manager (GAM), introduced us to trusted demand partners, and constantly monitored and updated our floor prices on SSPs and exchanges. We today operate at close to 100% fill rate and much higher eCPMs. They also help us keep up with the changes in the ecosystem (like Core Web Vitals). A friendly team who we can lean on for all our ad operations requirements”.