To The Publisher
Online publishers using Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) rarely reach their full monetization potential because they don’t understand the importance of ad operations. AdOpsOne solves that problem for online Publishers with ad operations. We bring you the power of human and machine intelligence to deliver ad ops excellence never seen before. Our product is engineered to drive the most important business outcome that matters for any online publisher - more revenue.
AdOpsOne gives you the power to extract the highest possible revenue from the world of Google Adsense, Google AdX, Ad Networks, Supply Side Platforms (SSP), Ad Exchanges, Header Bidding, and Exchange Bidding.

To The Publisher
We operate inside your Google Ad Manager (GAM or DFP). This way you always have full transparency of what we’re doing. We work with your existing monetization partners and you get paid directly by them. We derive monetization insights on your traffic and deliver it in interesting ways that is more valuable to your sales and management teams.
AdOpsOne is designed with one simple philosophy at its core - 100% transparency.

To The Publisher
Our ad ops excellence and efficiency combined with 100% transparency deliver that one important outcome that matters the most – More Revenue. Think new revenue out of thin air, simply by letting us manage your Google Ad Manager (GAM or DFP) and your existing monetization partners. In case you don’t have enough monetization partners, our client success team will connect you to the most dependable ones in the market.
AdOpsOne has delivered an eCPM lift of 92% for publishers.

To The Publisher
We eliminate hours spent on setting up new bidders or ad network tags, aggregating data, generating reports, tracking discrepancies, monitoring changes in demand fill rates, managing floor rates on SSPs/exchanges, and managing inventory allocation, amongst many other routine day-to-day ad operations tasks.
AdOpsOne brings you process automation processes and AI-led decision-making to make ad operations a breeze, leaving you time for more important things in business.
  • Ad operations Ad operations
  • Automation automation

More power in
your Hands

That’s what you get when you pair 15 years of ad operations experience with the technological developments in Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) and Artifical Intelligene (AI).
Think of AdOpsOne as an AI-controlled pilot for your ad operations. It eliminates inefficiencies and leaves no stone unturned to generate revenue.
  • your-google-ad-manager

    AdOpsOne is designed to work on your Google Ad Manager (GAM). You simply give AdOpsOne access and see the magic unfold. You will have 100% visibility into all the changes we carry out; you can discontinue access... at anytime, if you’re unhappy with the results. Read more

  • Improved-fill-rates

    Not all impressions deserve the same bid. Some are more valuable than others. Some, less. Every advertiser (or their DSPs) perceives a different value for every impression. Your unified pricing (think: floor prices) must adapt to... rules and capture the value from this ever-changing landscape. We carry out the complex task of setting up and updating your unified pricing rules constantly so that you can get the highest possible revenue from programmatic. We manage this on your Google Ad Manager based on your business objectives. Read more

  • accelerated-ecpm-revenue

    We use your relationships with Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges, SSPs, Google AdSense and Google AdX to create auction pressure for each impression. Why is this important? Let us illustrate this with an example. If you ... have only one person bidding in an art auction the piece of art will be sold at the lowest price. But if you have 10 bidders, then there is an 80% chance that you get paid at least 50% more. We deploy such auction pressure techniques on your GAM - Header Bidding and/or Mediation (waterfall) and or a Hybrid setup, as the need arises to ensure that there is enough auction pressure for each impression. Thereby, getting your art (your content), the highest bids from advertisers. Read more

  • accurate-bid-pressure

    Every monetization partner behaves differently. Fill rate, discrepancies and CPMs of each can be different across formats, sizes, countries and platforms. There could be thousands of unique scenarios to deal with. Humans are... not designed to deal with such complexity. But machines are. We leverage the best of each monetization partner, and make adjustments regularly. Read more

DSPs are using AI to buy your inventory at lower rates. You can fight
this by using AI in your ad operations.

Time to level up

The power to bring

You’ve taken years to build trusted monetization partnerships with SSPs Exchanges, ad networks, bidders and media agencies. We don’t come in the way of those relationships. In fact, we help you deliver more value and go deeper into these partnerships.

Our knowledge and tech caliber earned us the coveted ‘Google Certified Publishing Partner’ (GCPP) status. Even Google trusts us.

  • Need help with new monetization partners?

    Our client success team will connect you to the most dependable monetization partners – Networks, SSPs, Ad Exchanges, Header Bidders - in the market. You sign a contract with them and get paid from them directly. We don’t charge any fees or revenue share for this.

  • Want your own Google AdX?

    Google AdX is the largest ad exchange for programmatic display and video ads. Not having access to this monetization source means you’re missing the party. Our parent company – Affinity – is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), and this helps us get you an entry pass to the party. Acceptance by Google AdX is based on Google’s policies.

  • Don’t want to manage your monetization partners?

    In case you don’t want to manage (negotiate, sign agreement, optimize and collect revenue) any monetization partners, we can provide you ready plug-n-play monetization from our side. These operate on a revenue share. This is an optional add-on.

  • Want help with trafficking direct campaigns?

    In case you want us to manage your direct campaigns, we got your back. Our ad ops team will handle this for you for a small fee. This is an optional add-on.


Our knowledge and tech caliber earned us the coveted ‘Google Certified Publishing Partner’ (GCPP) status. Even Google trusts us.

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  • Real-time Analysis Ad operations
  • Real-time optimization automation
  • More Revenue Ai
  • ONE DASHBOARDdashboardicon dashboardicon

    We consolidate data from your GAM, Google Analytics, and monetization partners into one console everyday. We normalize, analyze and process data to deliver meaningful monetization insights for your sales and management teams. Think Analytics but for your Monetization. View your data in HD, not on a spreadsheet.

  • SMARTER DECISIONS smarterdecision smarterdecision

    When you have error-free data at your fingertips, you are empowered to make smarter and faster decisions for your business. Stay on top of your monetization evolution.

  • GET THE INSIDE SCOOP gettheinsidescoope gettheinsidescoope

    Selling inventory to the exchanges reveals a lot of demand side dynamics. Particularly into who is buying your inventory and at what price points. This information equips your sales team to make smarter sales decisions.

  • A/B TESTING setupabtest setupabtest

    We are constantly running A/B tests on ad units, ad sizes, unified pricing rule settings, dynamic allocation, banner refresh settings, header bidding pricing buckets, etc. These are done with the sole objective of growing your revenue. You can access all these tests and the results through our dashboard. Have been itching to test out a hypothesis? Let us know and we will run the tests for you.

  • Real-time Analysis Ad operations
  • Real-time optimization automation
  • More Revenue Ai
The world of publishing is dynamic and there are new tech requirements and updates every few months. We build all the advertising related tech add-ons required to stay competitive and compliant. Typically, you would pay your development team, or pay revenue share or licensing fees to a vendor for such tech add-ons. But with AdOpsOne, all the tech we have built and will build in the future comes at no additional cost.
  • branding-solutions

    Header bidding creates auction pressure and democratizes inventory sales. The highest bidder wins. The concept is simple. But the tech is not. We’ve... thoughtfully designed our product to work across various diverse use-cases - GDPR and CCPA compliant, works on AMP pages, works across formats, ad types (banner and video), whitelist/blacklist countries, and more. Our tech keeps evolving as the landscape changes. Read more

  • hvr

    A simple plug-n-play JavaScript code which refreshes the banners on your website when users spend time around an ad unit. Since users are highly... engaged, refreshing the ad creates a new highly viewable impression. The refresh limit and duration can be customized based on your preferences. This can drive up to 30% more revenue from the same page views and improve your overall viewability. Read more

  • space

    A simple plug-n-play JavaScript code which introduces banner units on your long story pages outside of the units defined through your CMS. It’s... thoughtfully designed to create new revenue without hampering the user readability and is compliant with Google’s policies. Can drive up to 20% lift in revenue. Read more

  • push-notification

    We provide you the technology to send content updates to your opt-in users (think loyal readers) in the form of push notifications. It’s a great way to keep the... loyalists engaged and generate more page views. Can drive up to 10% increase in page views. Read more


Includes an Ad Operations Executive (turbo charged with our AI) who manages everything in your GAM, tech add-ons, and page/ad-unit layout and page speed consultancy.

monthpricing Monthly pricing. No setup fees.
Net 30 payment. No lock-ins.
Pricing slabs applicable for each domain separately.
Separate fee slabs
applicable for Direct
Campaign trafficking
Impressions (Million)
0 to 4.99
5 to 9.99
10 to 19.99
Over 20

Our technology has lifted revenue for every publisher that we have partnered with. If you would like to experience the value add, we’re happy to work with you on a ‘show me the growth’ model for a limited period of 3 months. Here you pay us a revenue share if we can lift your monetization efficiency (eCPM), else it’s FREE for that month.


If you’d like your own ad operations team to manage your GAM and take the day-to-day ad operations decisions, then we can provide some parts of our technology to handle the day-to-day data aggregation, data normalization, data processing, alerts management, and provide you ONE DASHBOARD where all your monetization analytics comes together.

The power to
There's only one business outcome that matters – growth. We deliver this for you by simply handling an area of the business – Ad Operations – which has for years been grueling and time consuming. We do this with complete transparency and you still stay in the driver's seat and call the shots. We are here to increase your revenue. Only then will we stay relevant.
Here’s a glimpse of our success stories:
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Day-to-day ad ops challenges are many! We’re here to take off that burden so you can focus
on creating amazing content.
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