Swarajya is a 61-year-old independent news media publisher with a rich and storied legacy. This publication started off as a weekly magazine back to 1956, shortly after India’s independence. Swarajya is an authoritative voice of reason representing the liberal center-right point of view. They cover stories on politics, defense, world news, technology, infrastructure, and economy.
Monthly PVs:~3 Mn/mo* (Sept 2021)
Languages:English, Hindi
Ad ServerGAM
Published on:Website (mobile and desktop)
and AMP
Ranked:2,809* in India (Sept 2021)
*Source: Similarweb



A veteran publisher from print was now looking to strengthen their digital business. Their Digital team was lean and stretched between various roles, and there was no one dedicatedly managing GAM. Given the limited bandwidth and ad operations expertise, they had set Google AdSense on autopilot for monetization. However, this setup resulted in large amount of un-filled impressions and sub-optimal eCPMs. They had tried various ad networks, but none drove any significant uplift in revenue. Additionally, they had never explored selling inventory programmatically on SSPs and Exchanges.
Used only AdSense
Low Fill Rates and eCPM
Limited ad ops time and expertise
No programmatic experience


AdOpsOne started by carrying out a complete overhaul of their GAM. We consulted them on ad layout changes, set up new ad sizes, reset old ad units with new tags and many other setup level changes, based on best practices recommended by Google. We set up the auction environment by deploying Header bidding technology. We also introduced them to trusted demand partners to participate in these auctions.
All the above changes started showing improvements in all the core metrics - Fill rates went from 63% to 95% and Viewability improved by 53%. Just one month after AdOpsOne took over their ad ops function, the publisher experienced a 200% lift compared to the previous month. One quarter out this lift was 360% compared to the same quarter in the previous year. The publisher also had a very active direct sales business. However, the publisher frequently ran into under-delivery problems on direct campaigns. Our team ironed out all problems related to direct campaigns and supported the publisher deliver 30% more impressions.
  • GAM setup overhaul

  • Introduced Demand Partners

  • Tech Add-ons Header bidding & Banner refresh

  • Fill Rates 63% (Before) & 95% (After)

  • Dedicated Support for Direct campaigns

  • 360% lift in eCPM Q4’19 vs Q4’20

“We finally concluded our quest for the right ad operations partner when we met AdOpsOne. During the initial stage, we were reluctant to go ahead, but they pointed out so many loose ends which did help us figure out areas of improvement and increase our revenue. Then we finally onboarded them in September 2020, and since then we’ve seen a 200% improvement in our eCPM every month compared to the same month in the previous year. The results are consistent and right on track, which shows that they know what they are doing. We are really very happy with the results and a special big thanks to their team!”