KSAPrice.com is a price comparison website for Saudi Arabia. It helps users save time and money by allowing them to compare prices across millions of products and identify which vendors provide the best deals.
Monthly PVs:~15 Mn/mo* (Sept 2021)
Languages:English, Arabic
Ad Server:GAM
Published on:Website (mobile and desktop)
Ranked:265* in Saudi Arabia (Sept 2021)
*Source: Similarweb



KSAPrice was started by a small team as a passion project to document newspaper deals and help the community save money on shopping. Soon the site gained traction since there was no one else solving this problem. It eventually became a site for local shoppers looking for better prices (price comparison) or deals. Team started their monetization journey with Google AdSense – the go-to destination for every start up publisher. This ran on auto-pilot. Being a small team, there was no dedicated person doing ad operations and focusing on ad revenue. The team was juggling too many things - site updates, traffic growth, SEO, and social life. They tried various ad networks to monetize their traffic, but none made any significant impact to the revenue. Their biggest problem was how to increase the advertising revenue without spending any time on it.
Low Advertising Revenue
No time for ad operations


As soon as AdOpsOne got access to KSAPrice’s GAM, we noticed quite a few errors in the way ad units were setup. We promptly fixed these errors. We also noticed that they did not have access to many demand partners. We helped them get access to Google AdX, and a few other specialized ad networks and SSPs. Adding this demand helped them create auction pressure for display inventory. After this was setup, our AI helped with the day-to-day ad operations. Based on each demand partner’s fill rates and discrepancies, we optimized the inventory allocation every day. This improved the overall fill rates from 70% to 95%. In addition, AdOpsOne provided tech add-ons of Header Bidding & Banner Refresh [HVR] which boosted revenue by another 40%.
By making all the above changes we helped KSAPrice unlock their potential and lifted eCPM by 200%.
  • GAM Cleanup and Fresh setup

  • New Demand Partners Introduced

  • Auction Pressure

  • Daily AI Powered AdOps

  • Tech Add-ons

  • eCPM lift of 200%

“AdOpsOne changed my perspective on the monetization potential of banner ads on my site. I'm now seeing averagely 200% higher eCPM and revenue. And they did everything with 100% transparency. They're truly a partner I can depend on for anything monetization related - ad units, demand partners, optimization, google policy compliance and a lot more. The best part is that I get paid directly from all my demand partners, so I’m always in control of my monetization. They're responsive and always ready to help. With my ad operations fully handled by AdOpsOne, I can put more energy towards building more content and traffic on my site.”