Frequently Asked Questions


ADOPSONE.AI is an outsourced ad operations service backed with a smart data platform for digital content publishers to consolidate, optimize and increase advertising revenue across formats, platforms and devices.

What are the benefits of ADOPSONE.AI?

  • ADOPSONE.AI helps you to outsource your current ad operations which reduces your operational cost.
  • Helps you keep track of monetized impressions coming from multiple partners.
  • Helps you figure out discrepancy between partners and increase overall revenue.

What are the services provided by ADOPSONE.AI?

  • World Class Ad Operations
    We run a world class ad operations team with over 100 man years of experience in digital ad trafficking. Whatever your ad operations need, we take care of it. Every publisher get a dedicated account manager.
  • Unified Dashboard
    We aggregate all your data from all your ad units across formats and partners into one dashboard. This gives you a clear error-free view of all your data helping you derive insights and make meaningful decisions.
  • Maximize Yield
    Our daily focus is to increase your revenue on every ad unit. Machine run processes and human intelligence work in tandem to maximize the value of each impression.
  • Tools and Microservices
    We build various tools to improve your overall revenue - Header Bidding, Push Notification platform, AMP Generator, High Viewability Refresh, Dynamic ad insertion, etc. We also provide all the necessary ad-related technical support.

How does ADOPSONE.AI work?

  • Link your ad servers and advertising partners into the ADOPSONE.AI platform.
  • A dedicated account manager is allocated.
  • Access to a unified dashboard where you can view critical business data (like revenue, CPM) by platform, format, day, device, ad partner and geo.
  • Platform uses AI to identify problems and errors with advertising partners.
  • You are in full control of your advertising operations.
  • No new piece of code to be added to your site.

How many ad formats does ADOPSONE.AI support?

Currently ADOPSONE.AI supports Display and Native formats, Video and Social ad formats are coming soon.

Can I use ADOPSONE.AI regardless of what content I serve on my website?

ADOPSONE.AI is a service which helps publishers to outsource their current ad operations and solve their daily trouble accessing reports from multiple partners so that the publisher can increase their overall revenue, hence you can use ADOPSONE.AI regardless of what content is served on your website.

How often data is aggregated on the unified dashboard of ADOPSONE.AI?

The unified dashboard aggregates data on a daily basis, however it also depends on how frequently does your ad partner provides the report, if your partner is providing data on a real time basis we would be displaying the same on ADOPSONE.AI in a similar way.

How do I sign up for ADOPSONE.AI?

Visit our website ADOPSONE.AI, go to the Sign Up section and share your details using the form available OR you can send us an email to connect@ADOPSONE.AI.

What are the basic requirements for ADOPSONE.AI?

ADOPSONE.AI would require access to your Google Ad Manager account and for the other partners you can share scheduled report, console access or API access.

Is partner access necessary?

Yes, the partner access will help our system to collate all the data from all partners and display on one dashboard for your convenience.

What are the additional tools available with ADOPSONE.AI?

  • Header Bidding
    An advanced programmatic advertising technique that serves as an alternative to the “waterfall” method providing publishers a way to simultaneously offer ad space to numerous SSPs or Ad Exchanges at once.
  • Push notifications
    Use this tool to push out new updated content to your loyal readers. More content consumption results in higher advertising revenue.
  • High viewability refresh (HVR)
    Improves eCPMs by refreshing display ads only when users are actively on the viewport of the banner ad.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Support (AMP)
    A simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money. We help you with a converter and all the relevant support to get this up and running.

Can you set up Ad Manager for me?

Yes, we can definitely set up an Ad Manager account for you which would be included as part of our add on services, the Ad Manager account would be set up before ADOPSONE.AI onboarding.

What if I am using a different ad server?

Currently we do not support ad server other than Google Ad Manager for display ads.