CricTracker, a leading infotainment cricket website has over 15 million followers on various social platforms. They cover all the aspects of the game through news, match predications, fantasy tips, pre and post-match analysis, statistics, cricket facts, social media trends, videos, humor and more with over 30 active categories that are updated 24x7 for its devoted fanbase.
Monthly PVs:~6.08 Mn/mo* (Sept 2021)
Languages:English, Hindi, Bangla
Ad Server :GAM
Published on:Website (mobile and desktop)
and AMP
Category Rank:5th within the Sports Category in India (Sept 2021) *Source: Similarweb



A small team of content writers who wanted to provide cricket fans an alternate destination for cricket content outside the popular destinations (ESPN, Cricbuzz, Sportskeeda, etc). One of Syed’s top priorities was to provide his users a clean UX. To achieve this, he had simply hardcoded a few google AdSense tags on their site. The publisher knew that his site had more scope to generate additional revenue but didn't know what it took to move the needle. He needed someone to guide and handhold him through his monetization journey.
Hardcoded AdSense
No Ad Server
Low Fill rates and eCPM


The first course of action was to setup a GAM account for Syed. We set up ad units for each AdSense placement. During this exercise, we also consulted him on changes to be made to their ad sizes, ad formats, and ad layout. We introduced his team to many trusted demand partners, which helped increase the auction pressure and resulted in better fill rates and revenue.
In the very first week of onboarding Cricktracker; AdOpsOne delivered an impressive 135% up-lift in eCPM and improved fill rates from 31% to 53%. The changes made to the ad layout alone saw an increase of 23% in revenue for those ad units.
We consulted him on how he could generate a lot more revenue if he sold his inventory directly to advertisers and agencies. We consulted him through strategy and pricing. We helped him traffic his first few campaigns. Today, Syed runs a direct ad sales team. What began as an experiment, is now part of his long-term strategy.
To boost his direct capabilities further, we introduced new ad formats like Interstitial, Video (In-stream and Outstream), and Rich Media. We also deployed our popular tech add-ons like Header Bidding, Banner refresh (HVR) and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) adapter.
  • GAM setup

  • Introduced to New Demand Partners

  • Ad Size, Format and Layout changes

  • New Ad Formats

  • Header Bidding, HVR, AMP Adapter

  • Fill Rates improved: 31% (Before) & 93% (After)

" has made my life simple, I’m glad I decided to work with them. They take care of our entire ad-operations & ad-monetization growth, while we concentrate on building great content. I have seen almost 95% improvement on average and have been exposed to multiple micro products as new streams of revenue. As a CEO, I really appreciate the insights I get from the team and the tech support provided is very reliable and instantly available. All I can say is that the team is our trusted growth partner!"